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Critical Solutions specializes in providing expert cyber security services in the areas of computer and network defense, incident response, security and vulnerability assessments, fusion operations and innovation optimization to protect and mitigate against cyber threats and risks. Critical Solutions is certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business which allows us to help federal agencies achieve their socio-economic contract goals.

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Our Expertise

The cyber threat landscape is ever-changing and unique to each of our customers in the public and private sectors. The threats and adversaries we face in the industry are growing in sophistication, becoming more frequent, and harder to detect using traditional tools and methods. At Critical Solutions we have answered the needs of our customers by providing tailored solutions to solve real-world problems. Our team of experts help our customers stay ahead of the threats through innovation and unique solutions to detect, respond and mitigate. As a result, Critical Solutions has earned, and continues to maintain the trust of our customers and partners to help protect the nation from cyber threats.

Our approach

Cyber operations has generally been a reactive approach. We believe that a more holistic and pro-active approach is needed to effectively protect your organization; rather than doing damage control in the wake of threat outbreaks and attacks. Our combined years of experience in cyber operations has allowed us to create a methodology to cultivate a more pro-active (hunting) cyber operations approach.

Computer Network Defense

Incident Handling, Content/Signature Development, Host and Network Monitoring and Analysis

Computer Network Defense
Incident response

Incident Response

Host and Network Analysis, Intrusion Analysis and Remediation

infrastructure support

Systems Automation, Network and Systems Engineering,   Server Hardening, Cloud Integration 

Infrastructure Support
Security Assessments

security assessments

Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment

fusion operations

Cyber Threat Intel Correlation, Malware Reverse Engineering, Digital Media Analysis, Script/Tool Development

Fusion Operations
Innovation and Optimization

innovation and optimization

Develop Custom Integrations Between Systems, Increase Process Efficiencies Through Automation